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ControlCheck™ Releases New Update to Include Auditing for Medical Supplies.

By Hannah Kanfer


ControlCheck released an update that supports closed-loop reconciliation for medical supplies. Supplies can include keys, pumps, and other medical equipment. Supplies pose a unique risk to diversion as they tend to either get lost or never returned.


An example is with controlled medication in the labor and delivery unit. To give an epidural to a woman in labor, such as a fentanyl epidural, RNs have to first check out a key from the Automatic Dispensing Cabinet (ADC). Due to fentanyl being a controlled and highly addictive substance, any interaction with the drug is closely monitored. Here the key to the epidural infusion pump is considered the “supply”.


A provider who checks out the key is expected to return that key back to the ADC. These events are tracked in the hospital’s ADC system and this data is fed into BCS.


It is important for hospitals to track these keys, which are often universal keys and could be repurposed by someone with access and mal-intent. 


ControlCheck taps into existing information from your dispensing cabinets and EMR to identify anomalous behavior patterns using our artificial intelligence and continuous learning process along with data from our 400+ partner hospitals.


To access all of these new medication intelligence features and to learn about BluesightⓇ end-to-end solution, schedule a demo here.