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Manually managing digital drug formularies is a thing of the past

Managing the drug formulary is an uphill battle for most hospital pharmacies. There can be thousands of NDCs represented in a hospital’s inventory at any given moment. On top of that, the NDCs that show up daily on the loading dock change with surprising frequency, as GPOs renegotiate pricing with manufacturers and buyers adjust their purchasing patterns seeking to optimize drug spend and respond to shortages.

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Increased pharmacy automation requires more time managing formularies

With the increased use of technology in the pharmacy, it has become a full-time job to update the various digital formularies in the multitude of systems in use. Failure to maintain these formularies often results in disrupted workflows for pharmacy staff, as those systems fail to recognize the product and don’t function as anticipated. In some cases, an inaccurate formulary can result in unaccounted for inventory and lost charge opportunities.

Making life easy for hospital pharmacies

At Kit Check, we obsess about making things easy for our customers in every aspect possible. For example, we have the largest partnership network of GPOs and wholesalers because we want to make it as easy as possible to license and purchase Kit Check. We’ve also tuned our implementation process to get you up and running (and happy) in less than a week. We also apply this same obsession to the setup and maintenance of the Kit Check formulary.

We started by building our system around the market standard drug dictionary, Medi-Span. As a result, Kit Check users just barcode scan (or type in) an NDC, and Kit Check automatically pulls all relevant metadata from Medi-Span (e.g. drug name, manufacturer, concentration, package, etc.), making it fast and easy to add new products to their formulary while ensuring accuracy and consistency.


Automated formulary management is here

With our latest release, we’ve made it even easier as Kit Check now automatically refreshes our Medi-Span data every two weeks. With this change, NDCs will be available the instant they become available. In addition, Kit Check automatically updates any custom formulary items a hospital may have created if those drugs are later added to Medi-Span. As a result, managers spend less time managing their formulary and pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have fewer disruptions to their work, enabling them to spend more time on higher priority projects and impacting patient care.

Interested in learning more about how Kit Check can help make your life easier? Contact us.