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Top 3 Areas Where CostCheck™ Customers Are Seeing the Most Savings.

Top 3 Areas Where CostCheck™ Customers Are Seeing the Most Savings.

By Hannah Kanfer

BluesightⓇ  just launched its CostCheck Quarterly. By using data from its product, CostCheck Quarterly highlights where customers are seeing the top savings and increases in their budget. 

Below you will see the highest cost-saving areas for Insights customers.


  • Recommended Changes

CostCheck will notify you in real-time  if better-price medications enter the market or a competitor lowers their price, so you optimize the NDCs you are purchasing.


CostCheck customers saved  $3,127,310.08 through recommended changes. 



  • 340B Ratio Improvements

CostCheck makes sure your 340B ratio is optimized and alerts you of potential detrimental trends in ratio changes proactively.


CostCheck customers saved $465,432.89 through 340b ratio improvements due to identification and actions.



  1. Overcharge Refunds

Pricing and contract errors are common, CostCheck notifies you eros so you can act fast and efficiently.


CostCheck customers recouped $164,674.05 in overcharge refunds.


To figure out much your hospital could save, use our potential savings calculator. The calculator easily estimates your projected savings based on your hospital/ IDN size. 

To read more about how customers saved this quarter, download Costcheck Quarterly here. 


About CostCheck

CostCheck™ provides unparalleled visibility into your medication purchasing with actionable analytics to produce hard-dollar savings. CostCheck arms you with the information you need  to reduce costs while keeping your hospital stocked. Save up to 3% of your annual drug spend as well as time and effort.

To learn more, request a demo or visit our website here.