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VIDEO Explainer – Automating Anesthesia Restocking with a Centralized Workflow

Providers need ready access in the OR to medications, including anesthesia. Hospitals often accommodate this by keeping drugs in the room or very close by. While this is efficient for the providers, it can mean limited visibility into inventory levels and expiration dates for pharmacy staff. It also increases the difficulty of tracking waste and managing the continual string of recalls. 

A More Efficient Process with Better Visibility

Kit Check helps manage distributed inventory by supporting both centralized and decentralized anesthesia restocking strategies. In the centralized model, extra sets of trays are stored on rolling carts, either in the pharmacy or in the OR. These mobile carts are taken to each OR, where used trays are swapped out and sent back to the pharmacy. There, the used trays are placed in the Kit Check blue box for scanning. A tech restocks the trays based on the scan results, rescans them for accuracy, and the reloads the restocked trays onto the cart, ready for the next shift.

Using this kind of centralized restocking workflow for the OR and can help you reduce inventory, save staff time, and improve medication inventory accuracy. Each scan takes just five seconds and the entire restocking process only 2-3 minutes. This process was measured as 99.5% more accurate than manual restocking methods.

You can learn more in the video above. If you would like to speak with one of our OR inventory specialists or see an online demo, please click here.