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KitCheck™ Releases New Medication Pricing Information Function as First Step Towards Further Product Integration.

By Hannah Kanfer

KitCheck recently released a new feature that integrates medication pricing information into existing analytics through a connection with CostCheck™ during their Medication Intelligence Summit. CostCheck is a software tool that is continually updated with information from all major wholesalers on key purchasing decisions including pricing for medications, presentation options, and more cost-effective alternatives.


Previously, customers either spent a significant amount of time combining inventory, usage, and pricing data from different systems or, due to time constraints, did not incorporate pricing information into their decisions at all. 


With this integration, pricing data is more accessible and customers have the ability to quickly identify high cost medications that are expiring in the near future. 


This allows teams to remove medications from current kits and rotate them to higher volume areas of the hospital, thereby increasing the probability that they’re used before they expire. 


Reducing waste of expired medication has an immediate impact on a pharmacy’s budget. 


Ohio Health saw expired medication was costing them nearly $147,000 dollars, with Kit Check they were able to save over $60,000 dollars utilizing KitCheck’s RFID technology. 


Another example is Sentara VA Beach General Hospital. The team noticed they had a high number of unused, full pre-filled syringes in their expired bin. They used the Advanced Segment Optimization report to identify actual usage of four pre-filled syringes and started rotating medications to high-use areas. As a result, they saw expired medication waste go down by 89%.


This is one of the ways BluesightⓇ is working towards more integration between its suite of medication intelligence solutions. This integration will help customers better prioritize optimizations, analytics and understand expirations. With this new integration pharmacists will have better visibility into their supply chain. 


“We are always looking for your feedback and how people are utilizing our current offerings,” said Mike Olsen, product manager for KitCheck. 


“We are always innovating across all of our different product lines here at Bluesight  with the help of feedback from our customers”.


For customers who want early access to these features and are willing to provide feedback, the process is easy. There is no IT requirement and Bluesight handles the whole implementation process. If you’re interested, contact your Bluesight account manager to get started.